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Voor dat kleine beetje extra zekerheid en veiligheid!

  • Queen’s Day 2013. A royal mess that will put parents to the test!

    Walking through the gates to the Vondelpark on April 30th brings even the coolest of mamas out in a sweat. Everything is orange and incredibly small! Oompa Loompa’s dash about in a sugar infused frenzy, whilst fraught parents snap and twist their heads to keep track of their misters and madams.

    Two years ago I lost sight of my little boy for approximately 2 minutes, and I can honestly say they were the worst two minutes of my life. After scrawling our telephone number on every arm and leg we continued on our way…but I was shaken.

    A brainstorm session later…. www.Ring-Rings.com was born; and as we prepare to celebrate one year of business my son doesn’t leave the house without one on his wrist!

    Go to www.Ring-Rings.com and order your ID wristbands now. You'll have them in plenty of time for Queen's Day....and they can be worn over and over

    *Are you an Amsterdam Mama?
    All Village Card members receive a 20% discount! :-)

  • When life becomes a nightmare and you cannot wake yourself up

    Slurping on my morning cuppa, I was having a shameless scroll down my dirty secret that is the dailymail.com, and to my dismay I found myself gazing into the beseeching eyes of Madeleine McCann. The unusual eyes that the world hoped would help track her down. The story spoke of a girl in New Zealand that is undergoing DNA tests to prove that she's not the missing Maddie.
    We started www.Ring-Rings.com on the back of a panicky 20 seconds, what Gerry and Kate McCann go through every second of every day makes my blood run cold. However, I have found myself questioning why they choose to go on, why they choose to re-live the agony of (what some might say) false hope? But putting my slippered feet into their shoes this morning....I realised that they have to.
    My boy is a little older than Maddie would have been when she went missing....and its a sensitive age. He asks me daily where I am going and when I am coming back. He needs constant confirmation that my absence is temporary, and that I will never do or let anything bad happen to him. He needs to know I will be there for him...even when I'm a hundred million years old :-) This is a promise that all parents make to their children, we all want to raise happy, secure, and confident little misters and madams. It doesn't matter that poor little Maddie went missing in 2007...Gerry and Kate's lives were put on pause that day. Now I can imagine that they're swimming through radio static, grappling with the horror that their parental promise of safety has been beaten by something sinister and unknown. People have criticised the high profile and long ongoing story, but I think the McCann's mission is to let Maddie know, in life or in death, that they honour that promise. So, if a child needs to take a DNA test so they can check another box on their list..then I say let it happen. They work tirelessly to fund their search and they won't rest until their child is at rest...and neither would you!
    As parents we often complain in jest that our kids steal our sex lives and our spontaneity; but in truth they are our lives...and without them we don't have one. I hope that one day the McCann's get their miracle...or at least find peace in their efforts; and I selfishly pray I will never know such excruciating heartbreak.

  • Oprah does it on her OWN

    Queen Oprah Winfrey of Celebrity Land sat down with the villain of the moment Lance Armstrong last weekend; and struggled to work her magic on the fallen hero.
    Oprah goes for the exclusive, she likes the big reveal. Michael Jackson's daughter Paris, Bobbi Kristina, LL Cool J. She even managed to get Tom Cruise couch jumping for goodness sake. I was expecting the floodgates to open but
    Armstrong remained unnervingly cool throughout the interview. I think I may have spotted a slightly wet eye at one point....but was left questioning the authenticity of the lone tear. 'American' and 'Psycho' sprang to mind.
    I don't get it!! If I had been advising Lance....I'd have scripted tears, nose blowing and lots of regretful head shaking??? His reputation is in ruins, he has been stripped of his glorious career, his own charity Livestrong doesn't want anything to do with him! He had 90 minutes to turn it around, beg for redemption, show the world he is human.... and I don't think he did. Why not? We were ready to understand. Saying 'I will spend my life trying to earn back trust and apologize to people' with a dead pan expression doesn't get my empathic juices flowing. I mean if Andy Murray can can turn it around....anyone can. It was just peculiar.
    The interview with our liar on two wheels did boost Miss Winfrey's ratings though. 3.2 million tuned into her OWN network to witness the two part cringe fest. Not quite beating her record of 3.5 million when she sat down with the distraught Bobbi Kristina following the death of her mother, Whitney Houston.
    So....Oprah is still a Hollywood powerhouse and a household luvvie...Lance Armstrong is still a calculated liar...Livestrong will survive without its namesake...and www.Ring-Rings.com will redeem the reputation of the silicon wristband, reuniting parent and child.

  • Winter Wonderland. Looking Pretty....Feelin Slippy!

    Well, if you were wondering where winter has been, it would appear that it has indeed arrived. January 15 is the day that Europe remembered that it is officially winter time, and damn I wish I'd bought those snow boots while they were still in stock!
    While skating fanatics busy themselves planning marathons on ice, the Fiat 500 that skated passed me this morning, at 30 miles an hour, makes me wonder if we will ever get to grips with freak weather?
    Why does bad weather always come as a shock to local governments? An unexpected attack on normality that (quite literally) falls from the sky? Forgotten are the speeches of yonder year (2012 for instance), and the exclamations of the joys of hindsight; or how we will cope better next year. In Poland and Russia it is business as usual. Western Europe, however, is on the verge of temporary collapse.
    The whopping 1003 kilometeres of traffic jam clogging up The Netherlands this morning leads me to believe we may not have learned our lesson. Can somebody please tell the government that there is no shortage of road salt....they're selling the blimmin' stuff in blimmin' Hema.

    Now that I'm cosy and warm inside I feel my frown start to relax, and I remember the twinkle in my four year olds eyes as he looked out of the window this morning. The excited chatter over breakfast and the clatter of the sledge in the hallway as he trudged up and down in his bobble hat; pacing with the anticipation. Aaaah bless him...snow's not that bad. I hope it lasts until the weekend. A kodak family snow day with hot chocolate and snowball fights....
    Yup...I know... I'm a walking, talking contradiction ;-)

    Hitting the ice? Put a Ring-Ring on it. Our ID wristbands will reunite you with your kids should they follow the wrong set of skates.

    Be careful and enjoy....they'll be a hosepipe ban in a couple of months ;-)

  • Is Santa feeling the pinch this Christmas?

    I'm not talking about his expanding waist line...or the plummeting temperatures...I'm talking pennies. Has the crisis hit in the North Pole? Will our little mites be receiving a smaller pile of presents on Christmas morning this year? Or is it true what they say....the childrens market is a lot less recession sensitive than others!
    I certainly think parents today are aware of peer pressure at school, and the lack of school uniforms in the Netherlands further highlights the geek or chic factor. Do we spend beyond our means at this time of year to ensure our tots and teenagers fit in.....or should we, as parents, be teaching our kids to be grateful for the little things?
    My grandma, a.k.a Grandma Gin & Tonic...raised 7 children! And while this most definitely explains the Gin, and my dad tells me she was stern, she did it! Imagine all those birthdays...all those Christmases! You can darn well guarantee that Wii's and i-Phones and X-boxes weren't an option...but amongst stories of secondhand clothes, patched elbows and the occasional disappointment. Seven stockings were hung and filled and my Grandma prepared a Christmas feast that made her famous!!
    Is Christmas a time for families to talk, eat, drink and be merry? Or an event that will further line the pockets of Amazon, Macy's and Harrods?
    This year I'm going to give my son memories, not excessive piles of gifts that will be discarded before noon. Because lets face it...these are the things that he will pass onto his children...The bloody train track/remote control car/lego aeroplane won't last two minutes!

    *A tiny tip for stocking fillers...ID armbands from www.Ring-Rings.com
    Well I do need to make some cash...there is a turkey waiting to be bought: But we do donate 50 cents to WarChild for every armband sold....trying to practise what I preach ;)

  • It's beginning to feel aaaaaaagh lot like Christmas!

    Right...we've booted Sinterklaas and the Pieten back to Spain for another year and now its on to the next festive, not to mention expensive, event on the calender. CHRISTMAS!!!
    Its the 7th of December, the pepernoten are going slightly stale and I am already going slightly mad.
    As a British Dutch person... satisfying both families at this time of year is just about as likely as a virgin birth. In the next two weeks I have two birthdays, the birth of a child (not mine), a trip to England for pre-Christmas turkey....not to mention the tree, Christmas card writing, gift buying...and wrapping! While I admit that us Brits are used to all this... it happens once a year for a reason. Throw Sinterklaas into the mix and its like having one Christmas...cleaning up...then having another just for fun! Mental.
    You might think that in all this madness and running around, I will come out the other end looking honed and toned like a young Jane Fonda!!! But oh no...the mince pies and the excessive drinking (highly necessary) will ensure I have a slight muffin top hanging over my spangly jeans by New Years Eve. ;(
    To top it off, I woke up to snow. Beautiful and white to people with nothing to do, a logistical nightmare for a frazzled housewife in elf mode!!
    If you think I don't like Christmas you'd be wrong...I love it. But the pressure of creating the perfect Christmassy environment; filled with carefully selected gifts, decorations and food, all gets me a little highly strung. You try finding a good old traditional tin of Quality Street in Amsterdam! Two words...needle & haystack.
    So....before I lose it Lindsey Lohan style...I'm going to make myself I cuppa and order my pressies online this year. Amazon, Bol, good old TopShop and De Bijenkorf. My tip for excellent (parentally responsible) stocking fillers this year is www.Ring-Rings.com. Order online and enjoy the festive season from the warm comfort of your sofa. Let the gifts come to you! Genius.
    And although I may just have saved myself a whole lot of stress....I fear my muffin top may be slightly more muffinny come December 31st.. Cheers

  • Expat in Amsterdam...The Sint Experience

    I'm an expat that fell in love with the city and the man...and as Sinterklaas and his Pieten sailed into Ijburg last weekend, my alieness was ever highlighted. It is becoming more and more apparent that I, a Brit, am raising a foreign child.

    When they're babies you don't notice...they can't speak better dutch than you and they only drink milk. Now I have a 4 year old that demands 'hagelslag' (chocolate sprinkles to you and me) on his bread, comes home singing the 'Sint' version of Gangnam Style, and has patiently taken the time to teach me, his 30 year old mother, the words to 'Zie ginds komt de stoomboot. A Sinterklaas song that bears no resemblance to modern day Dutch!!!

    Language is actually my thing!!! Just not this particular language :-( I can talk Shakespeare, Keats or Austen....but not, it seems, playschool Dutch!

    You'll be relieved to know that my rant is almost over...but all these holidays/festivities feed the other Amsterdam obsession of packing as many people as humanly possible into the inimini city! Think Queens Day.. Gay Pride.. Uitmarkt.. Sinterklaas intocht.. Parental hell and a crowded panic that almost ended (with me) in tears a couple of years ago. After nearly losing our son on Queens Day we got a team of mums and dads together and started www.Ring-Rings.com

    It's simple. We make personalised ID armbands for tearaway toddlers!

    So in the pre Sint haze of sugar, shoes and cheap toys.. order something they will like...and you will love.

    They are perfectly sized to fit in the shoe in front of the fire!!!!! Why you would want to put sweets and pepernoten in a smelly shoe is beyond me?

    Roll on Christmas ..... a holiday I understand ;-)

  • Een kado van Sint

    voor in je schoen!

  • RingRings are cool with the big kids!

    The fallen hero Lance Armstrong may have been the first to make silicon wristbands cool...but thank goodness we've got health food guru's McDonald's to pick up the pieces!!!
    www.Ring-Rings.com ..thank the lord.. are bringing a bit of dignity back to the good old squidgy, jelly wristbands, by making them into personalised ID armbands. A bit of old school cool with a dash of parental responsibility!
    Whilst we started out tagging toddlers that are unable to recall contact details should they get lost, the inimini size of the bands has been causing a ruckus in households across Europe. The big kids want' em too...cue whiny voice.
    Well rest assured... www.Ring-Rings.com comes in peace... launching a new larger wristband this week in some cool new colours. Lance Armstrong who?? :-)

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