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  • When life becomes a nightmare and you cannot wake yourself up

    Slurping on my morning cuppa, I was having a shameless scroll down my dirty secret that is the, and to my dismay I found myself gazing into the beseeching eyes of Madeleine McCann. The unusual eyes that the world hoped would help track her down. The story spoke of a girl in New Zealand that is undergoing DNA tests to prove that she's not the missing Maddie.
    We started on the back of a panicky 20 seconds, what Gerry and Kate McCann go through every second of every day makes my blood run cold. However, I have found myself questioning why they choose to go on, why they choose to re-live the agony of (what some might say) false hope? But putting my slippered feet into their shoes this morning....I realised that they have to.
    My boy is a little older than Maddie would have been when she went missing....and its a sensitive age. He asks me daily where I am going and when I am coming back. He needs constant confirmation that my absence is temporary, and that I will never do or let anything bad happen to him. He needs to know I will be there for him...even when I'm a hundred million years old :-) This is a promise that all parents make to their children, we all want to raise happy, secure, and confident little misters and madams. It doesn't matter that poor little Maddie went missing in 2007...Gerry and Kate's lives were put on pause that day. Now I can imagine that they're swimming through radio static, grappling with the horror that their parental promise of safety has been beaten by something sinister and unknown. People have criticised the high profile and long ongoing story, but I think the McCann's mission is to let Maddie know, in life or in death, that they honour that promise. So, if a child needs to take a DNA test so they can check another box on their list..then I say let it happen. They work tirelessly to fund their search and they won't rest until their child is at rest...and neither would you!
    As parents we often complain in jest that our kids steal our sex lives and our spontaneity; but in truth they are our lives...and without them we don't have one. I hope that one day the McCann's get their miracle...or at least find peace in their efforts; and I selfishly pray I will never know such excruciating heartbreak.

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