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  • Winter Wonderland. Looking Pretty....Feelin Slippy!

    Well, if you were wondering where winter has been, it would appear that it has indeed arrived. January 15 is the day that Europe remembered that it is officially winter time, and damn I wish I'd bought those snow boots while they were still in stock!
    While skating fanatics busy themselves planning marathons on ice, the Fiat 500 that skated passed me this morning, at 30 miles an hour, makes me wonder if we will ever get to grips with freak weather?
    Why does bad weather always come as a shock to local governments? An unexpected attack on normality that (quite literally) falls from the sky? Forgotten are the speeches of yonder year (2012 for instance), and the exclamations of the joys of hindsight; or how we will cope better next year. In Poland and Russia it is business as usual. Western Europe, however, is on the verge of temporary collapse.
    The whopping 1003 kilometeres of traffic jam clogging up The Netherlands this morning leads me to believe we may not have learned our lesson. Can somebody please tell the government that there is no shortage of road salt....they're selling the blimmin' stuff in blimmin' Hema.

    Now that I'm cosy and warm inside I feel my frown start to relax, and I remember the twinkle in my four year olds eyes as he looked out of the window this morning. The excited chatter over breakfast and the clatter of the sledge in the hallway as he trudged up and down in his bobble hat; pacing with the anticipation. Aaaah bless him...snow's not that bad. I hope it lasts until the weekend. A kodak family snow day with hot chocolate and snowball fights....
    Yup...I know... I'm a walking, talking contradiction ;-)

    Hitting the ice? Put a Ring-Ring on it. Our ID wristbands will reunite you with your kids should they follow the wrong set of skates.

    Be careful and enjoy....they'll be a hosepipe ban in a couple of months ;-)

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