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  • Expat in Amsterdam...The Sint Experience

    I'm an expat that fell in love with the city and the man...and as Sinterklaas and his Pieten sailed into Ijburg last weekend, my alieness was ever highlighted. It is becoming more and more apparent that I, a Brit, am raising a foreign child.

    When they're babies you don't notice...they can't speak better dutch than you and they only drink milk. Now I have a 4 year old that demands 'hagelslag' (chocolate sprinkles to you and me) on his bread, comes home singing the 'Sint' version of Gangnam Style, and has patiently taken the time to teach me, his 30 year old mother, the words to 'Zie ginds komt de stoomboot. A Sinterklaas song that bears no resemblance to modern day Dutch!!!

    Language is actually my thing!!! Just not this particular language :-( I can talk Shakespeare, Keats or Austen....but not, it seems, playschool Dutch!

    You'll be relieved to know that my rant is almost over...but all these holidays/festivities feed the other Amsterdam obsession of packing as many people as humanly possible into the inimini city! Think Queens Day.. Gay Pride.. Uitmarkt.. Sinterklaas intocht.. Parental hell and a crowded panic that almost ended (with me) in tears a couple of years ago. After nearly losing our son on Queens Day we got a team of mums and dads together and started

    It's simple. We make personalised ID armbands for tearaway toddlers!

    So in the pre Sint haze of sugar, shoes and cheap toys.. order something they will like...and you will love.

    They are perfectly sized to fit in the shoe in front of the fire!!!!! Why you would want to put sweets and pepernoten in a smelly shoe is beyond me?

    Roll on Christmas ..... a holiday I understand ;-)

  • Een kado van Sint

    voor in je schoen!

  • RingRings are cool with the big kids!

    The fallen hero Lance Armstrong may have been the first to make silicon wristbands cool...but thank goodness we've got health food guru's McDonald's to pick up the pieces!!! ..thank the lord.. are bringing a bit of dignity back to the good old squidgy, jelly wristbands, by making them into personalised ID armbands. A bit of old school cool with a dash of parental responsibility!
    Whilst we started out tagging toddlers that are unable to recall contact details should they get lost, the inimini size of the bands has been causing a ruckus in households across Europe. The big kids want' em too...cue whiny voice.
    Well rest assured... comes in peace... launching a new larger wristband this week in some cool new colours. Lance Armstrong who?? :-)

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