Oprah does it on her OWN

Queen Oprah Winfrey of Celebrity Land sat down with the villain of the moment Lance Armstrong last weekend; and struggled to work her magic on the fallen hero.
Oprah goes for the exclusive, she likes the big reveal. Michael Jackson's daughter Paris, Bobbi Kristina, LL Cool J. She even managed to get Tom Cruise couch jumping for goodness sake. I was expecting the floodgates to open but
Armstrong remained unnervingly cool throughout the interview. I think I may have spotted a slightly wet eye at one point....but was left questioning the authenticity of the lone tear. 'American' and 'Psycho' sprang to mind.
I don't get it!! If I had been advising Lance....I'd have scripted tears, nose blowing and lots of regretful head shaking??? His reputation is in ruins, he has been stripped of his glorious career, his own charity Livestrong doesn't want anything to do with him! He had 90 minutes to turn it around, beg for redemption, show the world he is human.... and I don't think he did. Why not? We were ready to understand. Saying 'I will spend my life trying to earn back trust and apologize to people' with a dead pan expression doesn't get my empathic juices flowing. I mean if Andy Murray can can turn it around....anyone can. It was just peculiar.
The interview with our liar on two wheels did boost Miss Winfrey's ratings though. 3.2 million tuned into her OWN network to witness the two part cringe fest. Not quite beating her record of 3.5 million when she sat down with the distraught Bobbi Kristina following the death of her mother, Whitney Houston.
So....Oprah is still a Hollywood powerhouse and a household luvvie...Lance Armstrong is still a calculated liar...Livestrong will survive without its namesake...and www.Ring-Rings.com will redeem the reputation of the silicon wristband, reuniting parent and child.

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