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  • Is Santa feeling the pinch this Christmas?

    I'm not talking about his expanding waist line...or the plummeting temperatures...I'm talking pennies. Has the crisis hit in the North Pole? Will our little mites be receiving a smaller pile of presents on Christmas morning this year? Or is it true what they say....the childrens market is a lot less recession sensitive than others!
    I certainly think parents today are aware of peer pressure at school, and the lack of school uniforms in the Netherlands further highlights the geek or chic factor. Do we spend beyond our means at this time of year to ensure our tots and teenagers fit in.....or should we, as parents, be teaching our kids to be grateful for the little things?
    My grandma, a.k.a Grandma Gin & Tonic...raised 7 children! And while this most definitely explains the Gin, and my dad tells me she was stern, she did it! Imagine all those birthdays...all those Christmases! You can darn well guarantee that Wii's and i-Phones and X-boxes weren't an option...but amongst stories of secondhand clothes, patched elbows and the occasional disappointment. Seven stockings were hung and filled and my Grandma prepared a Christmas feast that made her famous!!
    Is Christmas a time for families to talk, eat, drink and be merry? Or an event that will further line the pockets of Amazon, Macy's and Harrods?
    This year I'm going to give my son memories, not excessive piles of gifts that will be discarded before noon. Because lets face it...these are the things that he will pass onto his children...The bloody train track/remote control car/lego aeroplane won't last two minutes!

    *A tiny tip for stocking fillers...ID armbands from www.Ring-Rings.com
    Well I do need to make some cash...there is a turkey waiting to be bought: But we do donate 50 cents to WarChild for every armband sold....trying to practise what I preach ;)

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